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Monday, 25 July 2016
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Welcome to the New England M Users' Group!

Founded more than two decades ago, NEMUG serves as a means for M and Caché Technology developers to meet, network, and learn.

(If you are looking for the *other* NEMUG - The New England Mid-Range Users Group, try this link: They are organized as a resource for users of IBM System i, i Series and AS/400 systems.)

The New England M Users' Group meets bi-monthly on the second Tuesdays of September, November, January, March, May ,and July. NEMUG meetings usually take place at the Wellesley Gateway Building, in Wellesley, Mass. Food and socializing at 6:00 p.m., and discussion/presentations at 7:00 p.m.

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Latest News


Paul Mike Kadow has written a new book, out now, called “Caché and MUMPS – Part II” It is a follow-on to his original one (also available on Amazon) “Caché ObjectScript and MUMPS”.  Please forward to anyone you think might be interested!

The new version is available for $35 from Amazon and $25 for the Kindle edition.

From the Forward

InterSystems, from a humble beginning, has grown into a worldwide company with its flagship product, Caché, leading the way.

First, this book chronicles and explores some of the many areas InterSystems has grown into and has influenced over the years.

Next, turning to the Caché and MUMPS developer, this book has multiple chapters on Globals, Classes, SQL/Query, etc.

Going further, this book explores Routine Elements, Routine Structure, Caché Studio, Studio Debugger, and Routine Extras as well as a section on “Cheat Sheets” and calling System Methods & Queries.

Why read this book? This book embodies several chapters on Caché Developer Resources that list other groups, companies, software, websites, learning centers, cources, programs, documentation and the like that give the Caché developer a leg up. It also embodies a number of other companies and software reviews that will give the developer a sense of history and what is currently available.

Why read this book? Many Caché and MUMPS developers do not know where MUMPS started and where Caché and MUMPS now extends. While the developer has been “heads down” in their application, the Caché and MUMPS community has grown greatly. Few know the true “Macro” view of Caché and MUMPS, this book will expand your view significantly.

As a young programmer, there was MUMPS I did not understand. I turned to the documentation and it seemed that the writers were talking beyond me. I searched for ways of gaining a through and complete understanding of this illusive language known as MUMPS, but more often than not, I was disappointed.

I wrote this book for all the programmers out there who struggle to understand, and just do not know where to turn. It is my hope that this book will become a resource for Caché developers no matter what situation they find themselves, from basic technology questions, to more expansive career altering questions.

It provided help for those Caché programmers who have not yet bridged the gap from legacy to object oriented programming, a vital and necessary step in career development.

In simple and straightforward fashion, this book documents the concepts, commands, and functions of Caché ObjectScript, Caché Routines, Caché Studio, Globals, Objects, Classes, and SQL.

1/29/2015 : Micro Tech Staffing has an opening for a Systems Analyst with Cache and Cache Objects knowledge in Providence, RI. You can read the details under Jobs. Let Ratika know NEMUG sent you!

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